A New Governing Majority Leadership Vision for Democratic Unity 

The Democratic Party, for the first time in more than half a century, has the chance to control a majority in one or both Arizona State legislative chambers in 2021. This election presents our party with the single most significant opportunity in a generation to advance public policy that reflects our values. 

While this moment brings opportunity, it inherently comes with immense responsibility and a sacred obligation to our fellow Arizonans. Shouldering this responsibility will require the Democratic Caucus to reimagine itself and its role in State Government. 


We cannot wait until after Election Day to prepare for the step-change needed in our approach and strategy. We must be ready to hit the ground running and drive Arizona's policy agenda when the legislative session begins in January. 

This undertaking will require a new level of unity, respect, and communication among our caucus and will necessitate the challenging work of navigating a divided government while always staying true to our Democratic values. None of this will be possible unless we first create a strong bond of unity between all Democratic legislators at the Arizona Capitol. 

This document outlines the governing principles and leadership vision that will enable a robust new governing majority and foster lasting Democratic unity in our State Legislature. This document is not – and never will be – set in stone. We will continuously work with all caucus members on revisions to ensure our vision is comprehensive in its inclusiveness and prioritizations. 

New Governing Majority Leadership Vision for Democratic Unity: A Better Arizona 

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