Majority Whip – Ms. Andrea Dalessandro


While not an Arizonan by birth, like many of our fellow citizens I am an Arizonan by choice. I was born in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty in New Jersey. After a career spanning over 25 years as a public school teacher I moved to Arizona to retire. In addition, I was a CPA/tax accountant.


My retirement was short lived. After a few years building Democratic clubs in deep red places I made the decision to run in 2008 for the State House. In 2008 and 2010 I ran in seemingly unwinnable races for the house in the old LD30. Those races taught me the importance and value of listening to voters and running in a competitive race. In 2012 I ran in the newly drawn LD2 and won my first race for the House. After about a year I was appointed to the State Senate. 


I’ve spent the last 7 years in the State Senate fighting for Charter School reform and against the expansion of vouchers. I’ve also fought against the systemic defunding of our public education system. 


I’ve also been a leader on the environment and brought progressive leadership to the State Senate. In 2020 I received the highest progress score of the entire legislature

according to Progress Arizona's analysis of voting records. I was one of only four legislators to receive an A+ on the Sierra Club’s Report Card in 2019. I am currently the State Lead for the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators and I fight to address the growing threat of climate change. 


As we enter the next chapter as Arizona Democrats, I’m focused on two things. First helping unite our caucus together through communication. And secondly, I want to take my years as the most experienced female House member and as a mother and grandmother, to share the importance of mentoring the next generation of strong Arizona women and men for long term and sustainable Democratic leadership. 

I am running for Whip to share my institutional knowledge, to ensure we have a strong mentoring relationship with our new members and to build unity, respect and communication within our caucus and with our Senate colleagues.


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