Majority Leader – Ms. Jennifer Longdon

As a mother and a survivor of gun violence, I feel the “fierce urgency of now,” recognizing that the future for our children is being legislated today. 


I am a member of the largest minority community in our nation (one-in-three people live with a disability), I know at the deepest level what it means to be denied a seat at the table, what it feels like to be discounted in our society, and what’s at stake for those who have been ignored in our public discourse.


We are poised as a nation for a fearless examination of centuries of inequity in this country. I will use my perspective as a leader in our caucus and a marginalized person to advance the civil rights of Arizona’s voiceless communities, emphasizing intersectionality and empowering individuals that have been left out of the process. I want to utilize my strengths in order to move us forward.


I have served as Chair of the Phoenix Mayor's Commission on Disability issues and helped usher our historic Non-Discrimination Ordinance into effect. As Chair of the Statewide Independent Living Council, I oversaw the allocation of $48 million for the State Plan for Independent Living. As Chair of the Reeve Foundation Public Impact Panel, I led an exploration of workforce development for people with disabilities. Not least of all, as

President of Arizonans for Gun Safety, we conducted the largest gun buy-back in Arizona history. 


I also know what commitment and determination requires of a person, even in the most difficult of circumstances. I’ve lived it. The role of our Caucus’ Majority Leader will not only be a procedural one. It will require fortitude to negotiateduring a time of divided government and deliver real results for Arizona's working families.


As the Majority Leader, it will be my duty to work with each member of our caucus individually to construct the House Democratic legislative agenda for the next two years. The policy priorities laid out in this document are only a starting point – I will personally ensure that each member has input in the final caucus policy agenda.


I will bring the lessons of my life experience to our leadership in the House’s new Democratic majority with the primary goal of creating unity in our caucus. I’ve been bringing people together in common cause to achieve progress for our society my entire life, and this must be our focus if we are to succeed in a legislative majority.


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