This leadership team is running to advance Democratic values at the legislature and instill a culture of accountability within the Democratic Caucus in establishing a new governing majority of the House of Representatives. We are running to develop a strong culture of trust within our caucus, creating a team environment within which each member will be accountable to and supported by one another. Establishing effective communication is the utmost priority for this caucus. We will work tirelessly for every one of our members. We wholeheartedly commit to a transparent and collaborative decision-making process that will always keep the caucus' best interests in mind. Each caucus member will have input in the caucus' decision-making process. Additionally, each member will have a clear understanding of the direction of the caucus. All members should and will have an active role in how our caucus moves forward together. 

We are running for House leadership because Democrats must have a thorough plan to put these concepts into action during this time. We must build a diverse coalition to make it a reality. 


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